Merchant Banking Services

Merchant Banking Resources is a recognized Top 20 company for merchant cash advances, accounts receivable financing, and other similar instruments for business owners that are seeking professional merchant services assistance. Merchant Banking Resources has been helping small and medium size businesses accelerate their marketplace offerings; providing them with the financial resources that are essential for success in their immediate industry.

Most importantly, Merchant Banking Resources further aids their clients by exclusively employing non-recourse financing tools which to date, have helped a plethora of business owners expand their operations, meet payroll demands, accelerate their hiring practices, and solidify their infrastructures. The value inherent in using Merchant Banking Resources as your financial partner is substantial, to-wit:

  1. Non-Recourse Business Lending in the form of Merchant Cash Advances;
  2. The Proprietor Retains 100% of Owned Equity;
  3. Business Cash Advances are Repaid Daily via Revenue Events;
  4. Full-Scope Business Analysis & Expertise Included;
  5. No Usage Restrictions on Any Merchant Cash Advance.

Merchant Banking Resources has been growing rapidly, in parallel with their clients, since its founding in 1995, to a current book of business which is in the millions of dollars advanced, per month range. Further, Merchant Banking Resources understands that its successes, and failures, are predicated on the ability to help clients grow their enterprises, which have been in business for a minimum of one year, to new heights of success.

This approach ensures that will recover its business cash advance, and, additionally, that the borrowing merchant is able to expand their business advance request, should they decide to renew. Merchant Banking Resources has helped thousands of business owners retain their valuable equity, expand their operations, and do so without having to expose themselves to personal financial recourse.

Merchant Banking Resources is able to fulfil requests by business owners for merchant cash advances, ranging from, but not limited to:

$5,000…………………………………………………………………………….$3,000,000 plus!

Merchant Banking Resources is able to move quickly for any and all business cash advance and credit card processing requests, with approvals or denials being returned within a 72-hour window. Moreover, Merchant Banking Resources has a well-established, stable network of tiered lenders that are willing and eager to work with business owners operating under unique circumstances at the time of a merchant cash advance loan request.

Consequently, Merchant Banking Resources has relationships with lenders that perform wireless credit card processing for payment gateways, are able to establish and process gift card processing systems, and entertain commercial real estate and hard money loan requests, along with any other high ticket payment processing platform. Merchant Banking Resources proudly serves the United States, Canada, and [the] United Kingdom for merchant cash advance financing, whereas, the proceeds can be used for equipment purchasing, buying inventory, opening additional business locations and similar uses.